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Thursday, October 14, 2004

This term is finished!

And I have a whole week off before starting class again! I'm just now sitting down from returning from my last final of the term. So I'm too tired to jump into much blogging tonight.

But classes are over and I'm signed up for Accounting Basics already and I might sign up for Business Law next week as well.

To fill my free time void during the coming week, the Tracker has begun puking oil from its front seal, the entire exhaust system may have to be replaced and it must pass a safety & emission test before the end of the month. The dang tailpipe has a hole in it where a mount rusted off so it has to be replaced and the catalytic converter may be plugged up because we can't get the exhaust flange to seal up after two tries, new studs and nuts and a new gasket. That makes me think that maybe the converter is causing some back pressure that's causing the leak. And of course, we just this summer patched in a muffler which will probably get pitched for a new one if the converter has to be replaced because its all welded up pretty good.

Oh yeah, the truck needs shocks installed shortly too... One of them has dried out and is yelling for replacement. At 90K miles I guess its not too surprising.

And I've still got to get the fall harvest-Halloween decorations out in the front yard!

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